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Promotional Gift Sets- GS-26

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Promotional Gift Sets

Promotional Gift Sets GS-26: Contains 3 products as listed beside. packed in a black box with a cushion inside for product protection and better presentation.

The branded gift package is a practical technical item that is easy to use and contains necessities for daily use. A mouse pad with a wireless charger is included with each customized gift package. This set’s components were all made with premium materials. They are powerful and resilient as a result. It is a distinctive and cutting-edge item. Additionally, a pen and an A5 notebook are included. Your timetable or to-do list can be recorded in a notebook. The pen, however, serves a variety of functions. You can write on it or use the smartphone’s stylus to write on it.

Now, use this superior product to arrange your life. This technologically advanced gift bundle is unique. It makes a decent technological gift for friends or family and a useful advertising item for coworkers. For individuals who enjoy using technology, it is the ideal present. These products are packaged in a cardboard box. The color of the box is black. The box’s size can be changed. It offers the option of screen printing. As a result, you can add your company’s logo on the goods to receive a customized item. It is a unique gift package for your workplace and a practical present for everyone.

Product Combination

  1. MB-D-BM: Dorniel Designs A5 Notebook
  2. PN42-BK: Black Rubberized Metal Pen with Stylus
  3. JU-WCM1-GY: Mouse pad with Wireless Charger

Gift Set Printing Details

  • Screen Printing

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