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Eco-Friendly Gift Sets- GS-22

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Category: Gift Set

Eco-Friendly Gift Sets

Contains 2 products as listed beside. packed in a cardboard gift box with a cushion inside for product protection and presentation. The eco-friendly gift bundle includes practical and necessary items for daily usage. Since they are easily customizable, you can use them to promote your brand among clients and customers. This gift set includes components that were made entirely of bamboo.

They are sturdy and eco-friendly as a result. It also comes with a wireless power bank and a pen. However, the capacity of this power bank is roughly 8000 mAh. This means that you can always readily charge your cell phones and tablets. So, the goods in our eco-friendly gift package are strong and of great quality. This makes it easier for you to keep your devices charged. In addition, you can use a pen to jot down your agenda or to-do list. Thus, this gift package is a distinctive and cutting-edge offering. These products are packaged in a cardboard boxes. The box is made of uncolored cardboard. The box’s size can be changed.

  • All the items are made from bamboo material.
  • Eco-Friendly promotional gift set.
  • Can be customized with the logo of your company.
  • Completely innovative set for branding.
  • Best for personal use.
  • Size: customizable.
  • Available in natural colors of bamboo.

Product Combination

  1. WPB-CO-8K: 8000 mAh Eco-Friendly Wireless Powerbank,
  2. PN70: Cork and Metal Pen

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