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Coffee Journal Set With A5 Size Notebook And Pen-GS-COF-02



Category: Gift Set

Coffee Material A5 Size Notebook and Pen Gift Set

Product Combination

  1. Notebook (SKU: MBCOF-BRW-A5): A5 size Coffee material Hard Cover with textured linen design | 96sheets | 70 g Kraft ruled paper
  2. PEN (SKU: 078): Coffee material with textured finish push button mechanism | blue ink
  3. Packing Description: Brown Kraft Gift box with window

For coffee lovers and anybody who appreciates taking notes or recording experiences, the Coffee Journal Set with A5 size notepad and pen is a fun and useful advertising present. This set’s coffee-themed design makes it a smart and timely gift for coffee aficionados. As a promotional gift, the Coffee Journal Set has the following main qualities and advantages:

A5 Size notepad: Because the A5 size notepad is small and lightweight, recipients may easily transport it in their bags or backpacks. This notebook has plenty of area for writing so you may keep a daily journal, take notes, or draw.

High-Quality Paper: The notebook usually comes with smooth, good-quality paper that may be used with a variety of writing implements, such as pens, pencils, and markers.

Matching Pen: The set frequently comes with a pen that goes with the coffee theme, which adds another layer of originality and usefulness. The pen’s attractiveness could be increased by the use of eco-friendly materials like bamboo in its construction.

Options for Customization: You may make the Coffee Journal Set more unique by putting your business’ name, logo, or a marketing message on the pen or notebook cover. This personalization increases brand recognition and supports your marketing initiatives.

Versatility: The Coffee Journal Set is appropriate for a variety of recipients, including coworkers, clients, event goers, and potential consumers. It appeals to both coffee lovers and people who value a practical and fashionable journal set.

A coffee-themed journal set is likely to be utilized on a daily basis, making it a long-lasting and useful present that keeps your brand in the recipient’s mind.

Positive Association: By linking your business with the pleasurable experience of coffee and writing, you establish a positive emotional bond between your firm and the recipients.

Encourages Creativity and Productivity: Journaling and writing down ideas can boost creativity, productivity, and organization. The Coffee Journal Set enables users to record their ideas, thoughts, and inspiration in a special place.

Budget-Friendly: Depending on the personalization and quantity, the Coffee Journal Set can be a cost-effective and impactful promotional gift that provides the recipients with a high perceived value.

Consider complementing the Coffee Journal Set with a nice card or message about the fun of coffee and the significance of taking time to contemplate and write when giving it as a promotional gift. A personal touch like this increases the link between your brand and the recipient.

Printing Options on Gift Set

  • UV Printing | Screen Printing

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